Kaleidoscope Starter Pack

Our Press-On Starter Packs include everything you need to become a press-on pro. Kaleidoscope Starter Pack includes: Kaleidoscope, an Ivory Beige One Color, and All Clear Press-On & Polish Remover.

Why you want it:
Starter Packs are the perfect foundation for your newest addiction. We’ve paired our favorite designs and best-selling one colors with our easy-to-use press-on remover, giving you everything you need to start your press-on collection. 

Plus, all Starter Packs get free shipping. Win, win.

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Happiness guaranteed

Free replacement if you have any issues with your set.

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how it works

What’s Inside

1. Choose your nail art. For your first order, you’ll receive a free Try-on Kit to size your nails.

2. Measure your nail size and length using the Try-on Kit and submit your sizing.

3. Relax while a nail artist handcrafts your nails. Receive your custom-made set and apply in minutes.

Salon-quality nails, made just for you

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Custom fit to you

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Painted by LA’s top nail artists

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Applied in minutes

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