Get your nails ready.

Every set is made to order and comes with all the tools you need, so you can give yourself a professional-level manicure without ever leaving the house.

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Here's how it works...

Size your nails

After you order, we send you a try-on kit in the mail and a personalized sizing form via email.

The try-on kit contains 10 nail sizes in three different lengths: short, medium, and long.

The sizing form shows you how to identify the width of each finger and your desired length. Mark your measurements on the digital form and send it back to us.

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Wait for your custom Super Gels

Once you submit your sizes, we'll get to work on your gels. Each set is hand-painted by our nail artists in LA. Sets typically ship out in 5-7 business days from the time we receive your sizing.

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Apply in minutes

The key to a long-lasting manicure is the prep. Here’s how to get salon-style nails in minutes.


Show ’em off!

Take in your new nails and prepare for compliments. Don’t forget to tag us on IG @color_camp.

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To begin removal, soak nails in a bowl of warm soapy water for 10-15 minutes. Using the wood stick, gently pry around the edges until the press-on begins to pop off.

Patience is key. Repeat steps as needed until all press-ons begin to lift easily.

Pro Tip

Drop a generous amount of cuticle oil around the edges of your nails, working the oil underneath the press-ons if possible. This will help break down the glue and cut down on removal time.

Want more tips and tricks? Check out our IG Reels for a step-by-step tutorial on how to remove your At-Home Super Gels.

Wear again
(and again)

To prep nails for reuse, soak the worn press-ons in a bowl of warm soapy water for 5-10 minutes. This will help break down any leftover glue. Remove the press-ons from the water and dry.

Take the orange buffer and lightly buff off any remaining glue from the backside of the press-on. Repeat steps as needed.

At-Home Super Gels can be reworn 3+ times. Watch the full tutorial on how to reuse your At-Home Super Gels.

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Find your next set, and this time, get it faster. We keep your sizes on file to make reordering a breeze. When you’re ready for a new design, add it to your cart and select “I don’t need a Try-On Kit.”

We’ll send you an email to edit or confirm the sizes from your previous order, and you can adjust the width or change the length if you need to. Reorders typically ship out within 5-7 days of receiving your sizing confirmation.

Interested in learning more?

Check out our Instagram Reels for more tips and tricks.

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